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Wells Advantage Group is a resource for insurance professionals who need assistance with individual life, survivorship, disability, long-term care and annuity cases. We can assist you with all facets of the sale: including product and carrier selection, case design, presentation, underwriting; and all the way to policy placement and delivery. We also manage large cases, dealing with the auto bind, jumbo and retention limits of the carriers involved, and seeing it to completion. With our selection of carriers rated among the best in the industry, we are able to offer our brokers an extensive array of products and underwriting philosophies to meet the various and unique needs of your clients.

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Tough to place cases are our specialty, having the knowledge and experience to make them happen. From an in-house underwriter to trial applications; as well as an exclusive large-case pre-approval program, unique to our national network, we know how to turn a rated or declined case into a sale. Contact us today!

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Most insurance professionals are exceptional sales people. Unfortunately, some lack either the time or the resources needed for all of the ancillary details involved in initiating or completing a sale. That's where Wells Advantage Group fits in. We offer a solid portfolio of products for comprehensive one-stop shopping.